A striking facade and textured brickwork with subtle angles, Balaclava is an exciting development and a welcome addition to the surrounding streetscape of William Street. The architecture exudes a dynamic play of natural light, movement and shadow, conveyed by multi-faceted exteriors and textured surfaces.

Size — 354 sqm
Stage — Complete


Continuing with a lighter palette of natural tones, the materials of the interiors of Balaclava complement the architecture. The use of timber throughout is integral to the friendly atmosphere of the residences, the courtyard transitions seamlessly with the interior living room, as well as the outdoor natural environment.


This focus on the cohesion of the building with the streetscape is cemented by using more suburban materials in slightly more considered ways, like the grey timber in the external facade, which contrasts and softens the striking effect of weatherboard cladding and textured brick.


Cera Stribley team on project: Domenic Cerantonio, Chris Stribley, Michael Nguyen

  1. Existing single storey brick dwelling.
  2. Complete demolition of existing dwelling.
  3. Proposed 3 storey building mass in accordance with the height and scale of surrounding developments.
  4. Private open space orientated to the north for maximum solar access. Pedestrian access located along the southern boundary.
  5. Reduce upper level setbacks to reduce visual bulk and minimise overshadowing to neighbouring properties.
  6. Reduce upper level form to allow greater solar access to neighbouring private open space.
  7. Articulate front façade to reduce visual bulk and the appearance of shear walls presenting the street.
  8. The contrasting use of materials coupled with an articulation of form, results in a visually pleasing sensitive architectural response.


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