Burnley Terrace (Richmond)

Burnley Terrace presents an example of innovative and bespoke architecture. The terraced structure of the building ensures a fluid visual language between floors whilst maintaining character at street level view. Featuring loft apartments as well as active retail spaces, Burnley Terrace is a dynamic and distinctive addition to the area.

Size — 65,000 sqm
Stage — Concept


Located on a block with irregular perimeters, Burnley Terrace is an accomplished approach to optimising space through innovative design. The multi-level loft apartments rest cohesively above the active retail spaces, with the terracing and recessed levels denoting a linear flow from the ground up. Nestled amongst these spaces are communal gardens and entertainment facilities, ensuring Burnley Terrace feels welcoming and open to all occupants.


The subtle changes in tone on the exterior of the building create an exciting visual language without interrupting the ascending line that culminates in the 9-level tower atop the property. Though Burnley Terrace makes an immediate vertical impact, the design is sympathetic to neighbouring buildings and fits the streetscape well. Meeting the unique challenges of this location.


Cera Stribley team on project: Domenic Cerantonio, Chris Stribley

  • Active retail frontage along Burnley Street
  • Large setbacks allow for significant terraced landscape areas
  • Views to the city to the east and views to the Yarra River and alongside parks to the west
  • Line of setback as required by the Yarra Planning Scheme


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Richmond retail design
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