Caroline (South Yarra)

In a quaint streetscape in South Yarra alongside its terrace house neighbours, Caroline's contemporary silhouette remains sympathetic and respectful. Foremost, its eloquent brickwork façade and dark folded cladding provide a contrasting backdrop for the sculptural street trees. It’s entry through a concealed gate leads up stone steps to the grand entry, where a double height void and spiral staircase draw the eye upwards to the tall window capturing the changing sky scape to the south.

Size — 385 sqm
Stage — Complete


With a focus on space, natural light and fluidity, Caroline has a sculptural quality which radiates from the central spiral staircase throughout the 3 bedroom home. For such a small site, the house feels generous in proportion, with formal living, dining and kitchen on the ground floor and an informal living and study on the second floor. Rhythmic elements in the windows and façade the house filters the light to create changing shapes throughout the day. This house is as intended – to stand the test of time and will look as refined now as it will for the next generation of owners.


Cera Stribley team on project: Domenic Cerantonio, Chris Stribley, Steve Woo, James Quinn, Juan Hernandez-Flores


Video by Hortenzia & Futureinform

  1. Existing single storey rendered brick house with tile roof.
  2. Demolish entire dwelling and front fence.
  3. Proposed building mass across the entire site. Split building into two for a two storey residence.
  4. Elevate building 1m above natural ground level to allow vehicular access and parking underground.
  5. Setback building mass from street interface to match neighbour.
  6. Setback building mass from north and south boundaries to minimize overshadowing to adjoining properties and reduce visual bulk.
  7. The first floor is pushed towards the south boundary to break up the form and create interest and variance to the design.
  8. The contrasting use of materials coupled with an articulation of form, results in a visually pleasing and sensitive architectural response.

Construction Process


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