Caroline (South Yarra)

Located in leafy South Yarra, Caroline is an ideal example of a spacious family home in a modern urban environment. This three-level property features a classic brickwork exterior juxtaposed with clean metal cladding on the upper levels, reflecting the historical style of South Yarra bound with the vibrant culture of the modern local community.

Size — 385 sqm
Stage — Construction


With a focus on space, natural light and fluidity, this home creates a comfortable retreat in the heart of exciting urban surroundings. Caroline is the epitome of a contemporary Melbourne family home, featuring a four car covered garage and sunlit courtyard. The luxe detailing of the interior creates a comfortable and inviting environment that flows from the double height entry hall and through the gallery hallway.


Reflecting the modern and artistic culture of South Yarra, the exterior of the home features rustic brickwork contrasting with the clean lines of metalwork in the new cladding. This variation in textures and tones makes a memorable impression without moving too far from the aesthetic of its surroundings.


  1. Existing single storey rendered brick house with tile roof.
  2. Demolish entire dwelling and front fence.
  3. Proposed building mass across the entire site. Split building into two for a two storey residence.
  4. Elevate building 1m above natural ground level to allow vehicular access and parking underground.
  5. Setback building mass from street interface to match neighbour.
  6. Setback building mass from north and south boundaries to minimize overshadowing to adjoining properties and reduce visual bulk.
  7. The first floor is pushed towards the south boundary to break up the form and create interest and variance to the design.
  8. The contrasting use of materials coupled with an articulation of form, results in a visually pleasing and sensitive architectural response.

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South Yarra house
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