Chadstone Link

The Chadstone Link Project is the creation of a beautiful new structure that connects a currently fragment site. It allows a weather protected connection between the Chadstone Hotel, Office Tower 1, the South Mall entrance to the Shopping Mall and the Myer car park.

The concept is about creating a link that is more than just a direct connection from A to B. It is about creating an effortless and choreographed transition that provides an opportunity to pause and enjoy the space through integrated landscaping and seating. The grand scale of the space celebrates the arrival making the Link a new front door to Chadstone. The Link will be animated from day to night, with integrated lighting celebrating the structure itself. The space is intended to be flexible with the potential for visual art, curated installations, exhibitions and events.


Chadstone Link is a collaboration between CS-A, Make Architects, Hickory Group and Vicinity Centres.





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