Country Residence

Set on the banks of a river, this Country Residence has been designed to balance an architectural language of contemporary sophistication within the harsh yet beautiful Australian landscape.

The design takes cues from the architectural vernacular of a traditional farmhouse yet it is embedded with contemporary materials and design details of high quality and technological advancement. The entry to the residence is via the more traditional forecourt. The front door is deliberately humble and obscure to create a sense of drama at the entry. Upon entering this threshold, you are transferred into a large lobby space that boasts an unparalleled view of the river. This view is then shared throughout key rooms of the residence and becomes the predominant feature of the design.


The building employs long linear locally produced handmade brickwork to the façade harmoniously bridging the gap between traditional and contemporary architecture. The linear aspect of the brickwork accentuates the linear nature of the design, which seemingly floats along the landscape. The brickwork is complimented with charred timber, concrete plinths and concrete lintels to present a natural and neutral palette overall that blends in within the surrounding landscape.


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