CS-A Office HQ

In the Conway Building built in 1914 on the Chapel Street Strip, Cera Stribley Architects set up shop in one of the studios in the old department store. As custodians of this grand studio space, the team has embraced the buildings character, with its lofty ceilings, elaborate cornices and decorative flooring.

Stage — Completed

Size — 240 sqm


Respecting the buildings existing structure, the team has sensitively designed the fit out as freestanding furniture built to install as joinery and if ever removed will not interfere with the existing building shell, including the open plan kitchen which hosts daily team lunches as well as ‘round table’ discussions and presentations. The parquetry floor and the decorative ceilings have been not just embraced but highlighted with the opening of the floor plan to let the light in and also using specialised up-lighting. These are the details that make this building so special, and the space feel so light and airy.


Keeping the approach to furniture, cabinetry and styling monochromatic has enhanced the studios’ feeling of lightness, making it one of the nicest places to work and be creative. The studio space is now even more inviting for clients to join the team in the different zones to collaborate if need be away from meeting tables. The impact has been immediate for the team, as they continue to grow into the new space..



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