Located in the warm community of Donvale, this project is an innovative example of family townhouses in a suburban setting. Donvale townhouses convey an atmosphere of comfort and space, all views being carefully considered to the outside and to the neighbours and with high ceilings and exposed timber beams in the interiors also reflecting this theme.

Size — 543 sqm
Stage — Documentation


Working with Fibonacci Stone and Terrazzo Platinum tiling, the attention to detail in these apartments is uncompromising. Their luxe atmosphere is enhanced with curated open plan living spaces and a well-designed kitchen with a fluted glass window as the splashback.


Designed as a modern twist on the traditional family home, the townhouses’ master suites are located on the ground floor whereas the additional bedrooms are secluded in the upper levels. The transition between living areas and private spaces is facilitated by paring back the materials and the design of the subtle room partitions.


  1. Existing single storey brick dwelling with tile roof.
  2. Complete demolition of existing dwelling.
  3. Proposed 3 storey building mass.
  4. Vehicle access down the south boundary. Front setback consistent with the adjoining properties.
  5. Stagger townhouse levels to comply with the 9m height restriction and natural slope of the site.
  6. Reduce upper level form and setbacks to reduce visual bulk, minimise overshadowing to neighbouring properties.
  7. Additional balconies added to townhouses to increase private open space and opportunities for vegetation.
  8. The contrasting use of materials coupled with an articulation of form, results in a visually pleasing and sensitive architectural response.


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