Auto Alley - High Street Preston

The property reflects this with a striking exterior of cascading cubic forms, varying in size and composition to enhance the fluent transition between levels as well as to ensure greater natural light for all apartments. Auto Alley reimagines the classic grid foundation of the Melbourne CBD in the contemporary Preston environment.

Size — 13,000 sqm
Stage — Town Planning


Envisioned as a multi-use development, Auto Alley uses terracing and recessed levels to create a dynamic sense of space between floors. The design ensures the clear passage of natural light by creating a gracefully diminishing silhouette at the rear of the property. Additionally, this form also highlights the building’s vertical lines, with the minimalistic top floor drawing the eye up.


From the street level, Auto Alley makes an immediate impression. With the clean lines of the interlocking cubic forms and the subtle palette changes between floors, this development blends with the surrounding environment yet still makes a modern and articulate statement. Auto Alley is much like the splash of gold across the building’s main entry: bold, edgy and truly Melbourne.


Cera Stribley team on project: Domenic Cerantonio, Steve Woo

  1. The subject site lies within a Priority Development Zone. All existing structures on site are to be demolished.
  2. Proposed 5 storey building across the site.
  3. The proposal is set back from the rear of the property in accordance with the High Street Urban Design Framework.
  4. The front setbacks (that face High Street) are made in similar accordance.
  5. Further setbacks have been providing on either side of the development to create generous internal courtyard spaces.
  6. To enhance solar amenities, light courts have been carved out of the building mass.
  7. Light courts use the vertical expression and elegantly step the building down towards the rear.
  8. Building massing is split along the project primary frontage which defines the main entry.

Home to a burgeoning art scene and the popular High Street shopping and dining district, Preston features a vibrant community and lifestyle. With numerous direct tram and train connections to the Melbourne CBD, Preston offers a convenient commute to the city by public transport or private vehicle. The flourishing personality of this area ensures Preston is an exciting and warm place to call home.


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Arpartment architecture
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