Killarra (Camberwell)

An Art-Deco home which has been passed down generations, Killarra was designed to cherish the past, and look forward to the future. The extension developed was to inspired by the notion of family; creating a space for the next generation and family to enjoy and grow within.

The project was heavily focused on incorporating contemporary open-living design interventions to juxtapose the traditional architecture and provide a dynamic new home, flexible and reflective of the new generation living within, without losing the sentimental history of the original home.


The materiality selected emphasises a link between the old and new; echoing traditional masonry in the use of recycled brick, following throughout both the home and landscaping. The contrasting charred timber cladding embodied contemporary articulations of ‘traditional’ materiality was used to further this balance in the form.


The integration of greenery and landscaping throughout the design became a key element, as the home was immersed within a picturesque-inspired garden. Killara’s extension has not only maintained the architectural heritage of the home, but has continued to reference and draw upon it within its new form, providing the platform for many more cherished family moments in their new family home.


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