Pace of Northcote (Northcote)

Comprising of apartments and active retail spaces, this multi-use project reflects the continued exciting development of the suburb of Northcote. Balancing the exposed grid and industrial feel of the building’s facade, a cascading waterfall of greenery softens the structure and adds a lush visual element.

Size — 14,500 sqm
Stage — Complete


The continuing theme of the industrial history of Northcote becomes functional with the perforated external cladding offering a level of privacy from the main street. Additionally, these sheets of cladding can be shifted aside to allow residents an open balcony, embellished with playful colour accents.


The lower level commercial spaces are designed to activate the street level of the building, with the extended glass store fronts creating a contrast to the mixed materials of the external facades above.


Cera Stribley team on project: Domenic Cerantonio, Steve Woo

  1. Sites zoning split between commercial & residential.
  2. Extrude site extents to 25m height.
  3. Split building into three sections.
  4. Reduce the heights of each mass sequentially.
  5. Use the empty space that separates the building forms for vertical circulation cores.
  6. Provide high level setbacks along the sites boundaries.
  7. Further set backs emphasis the 'stepping down' notion.
  8. removed sections provide for light courts.
  9. Set building mass back at level 3.
  10. Vertical volumes create a sense of movement across the facade.
  11. Articulate the upper levels that sit offset from lower levels.
  12. Cut away corner at level one and introduce a splash of colour that sparks the visual interest the corner attracts.

Construction Process


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