St Kilda Sea Baths

With the stunning surroundings of St Kilda, this project aims to unveil the untapped potential of the beachfront and breathe new life into a familiar space. The 270° views of Port Phillip Bay are the key consideration behind this innovative design. By developing a functional recreational space, CSA looks to create a new icon on the St Kilda landscape.

Size — 700 sqm
Stage — Concept


As a three-tiered project, the design looks to develop a space to engage the local community with art, entertainment and the surrounding environment. The first stage is to install an artwork that frames the sweeping skyline views and would act to generate tourist interest in the area as a photo opportunity. Additionally, the installation would also function as cinema screen for night time events.


Extending the decking from the beach promenade to the rooftop space is the second phase in creating a fluent transition between the beachfront and the entertainment area. The third stage would see the palm trees of the esplanade as an inspiration for pavilion-style canopies, creating a visually dynamic facade for the Sea Baths.


Cera Stribley team on project: Domenic Cerantonio, Matt Hainsworth

  1. Site – 718 M2 of open tiled terrace currently used on a per use basis with little identity from the beachfront or promenade.
  2. Stage 1 – landmark artwork installation positioned to bring pedestrians up onto the terrace. artwork proposed to double
  3. Stage 2 – extend decking landscaping from promenade up onto terrace. landscaping to include built in seating,
  4. Stage 3 – iconic pavilion canopy over terrace. pavilion to accommodate year round use of terrace as world class function

Home to the world famous Luna Park and beachfront Esplanade, St Kilda is a cultural hub of Melbourne. This energetic suburb offers a cosmopolitan lifestyle, buzzing nightlife and green open spaces. With the addition of exciting streetscapes and annual festivals, the local community enjoys the vibrant personality of the area. St Kilda has always been a Melbourne hotspot and this continuing spirit shows no signs of slowing.


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St Kilda architecture
St Kilda architecture