The Boulevard - Balwyn

This project is based around modernising and extending a heritage listed home without sacrificing the spirit and history of the original building. the extension lies largely out of sight from the street level perspective. With this measure in place, the freedom of the design allows for the property to be optimised to its full potential.

Size — 350 sqm
Stage — Documentation


Clearly visible only from the rear of the property, the extension makes an instant impact. The neutral tones of the outdoor timber flooring allow for a smooth transition from the landscaped greenery outside to the bold bluestone cladding of the doorway. The robust bluestone offers a refined modern tone whilst also referencing the constancy of the heritage building itself. With a double height entertainment area and black matte garage space, the benefits of modernising the property are reflected by the greater sense of space and light within the home. As a balance between the old and the new, this extension successfully creates a feeling of cohesion.


Cera Stribley team on project: Domenic Cerantonio, Chris Stribley, Matt Hainsworth, Juan Hernandez-Flores

  1. Existing dwelling has been previously extended at the rear to add on living area and a pool, which is now in dis-repair.
  2. Demolish rear extension up too original extent of deco dwelling. Maintain both chimneys.
  3. Extrude volume of potential new extension to rear block.
  4. Setback new volume to rear in order to allow retention of existing pool. Push back on each side of site to allow solar access for neighbours.
  5. Reduce height of new extension so it won't be visible from the street.
  6. Split rear volume to capitalise on northern sun exposure and enable access to views.
  7. Articulate shear double storey walls on each side in order to further reduce visual bulk to neighbours.
  8. Finally render and restore the heritage building and renovate the existing pool house, to bring both structures back to a high level of finish.


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