The Rose - Glen Iris

The Rose is set on a significantly sloping site, the architectural premise was to ensure that the building remained understatedly elegant and modest. The building is designed to work with the site incline as a series of spaces not separated by walls, doors and windows, but with levels.

Size — 548 sqm
Stage — Documentation


With the Cera Stribley’s signature crisp detailing and naturally muted material selection, the building respects it’s neighbours with concealed screening built in as part of the building. The house has a mysterious mood on arrival but on entry the inside reveals itself gradually as you move through as a polished piece of residential architecture that is more urban than suburban. But makes an inconspicuous addition to the streetscape in Glen Iris.


Cera Stribley team on project: Domenic Cerantonio, Matt Hainsworth, Steve Woo

  1. Existing Conditions
  2. Demolition - Demolish existing building and clear landscaping.
  3. Subdivision
  4. Site Mass - Mass volume of site extruded to allow for double storey.
  5. Heights - Proposal steps down and reduces overall building height.
  6. Ground Floor Setbacks - setbacks allows creation of courtyards for TH1 and TH2
  7. First Floor Setbacks - setbacks ensure no visual bulk impact.
  8. Articulation - Proposed elevations are articulated using masonry and vertical strips of cladding to retain similar textures found in area.


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Townhouse Glen Iris
Architectural Design Townhouse
Townhouse Glen Iris
Architectural Design Townhouse