Centre Rd
Bentleigh  |   2019

Commercial, Mutli-Residential, Mix-use

Domenic Cerantonio, Kate Hatherley, Lucy Brommeyer

The proposed development at Centre Rd Bentleigh maximises on the opportunities of its precinct. The design balances contemporary and classical vernaculars, referencing the sites heritage and drawing on the curvature and repetition of the market gardens which were there previously to inform the façade. The corners on the ground level have been softened; with more light and setbacks throughout the design incorporated for natural light to enter throughout the building.

Focusing on sustainability, the utilisation of screening and these breaks in the overall form assist with natural ventilation and light to occur throughout the design. The bricks are a soft, muted earth tone to again draw on the heritage of the site, and compliment the concrete on the ground floor. The use of materiality to identify the different functions of the building have been used, to create a subtle distinction between the residential and retail components of the design. 


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