Hall Street
Hawthorn East   |   2019

Commercial, Interior Design

Domenic Cerantonio, Melisa Santos, Phuong Nguyen, Juan Hernandez, Katherine McDonald, Dora Lin

Tucked away in the heart of the commercial zone of Hawthorn East, Hall Street commercial presents a contemporary and bold architectural statement against its industrial backdrop. The concrete materiality and the lightness of the steel and glazing pays homage to the industrial character of the area.

The fractal rhythm of the façade is created by the displacement of vertical thin mullions that creates a repetitive rectangular grid that diminishes in scale as it multiplies. Combined with the gradual fading film on the expansive glazing, the lightness and transparency of the façade is emphasized, whilst providing some privacy to the occupants.

This language is then contrasted by the robust concrete entry which grounds the proposal and establishes a sense of arrival and sense of identity. The proposal sits proud in an otherwise monochromatic street.

Continuing to draw from the existing industrial character of the building and site, the interior design becomes almost a materialistic mirror of the external palette. The occupant is drawn through the main entry lobby of the building and greeted with raw exposed concrete together with steel and glass.

A monochromatic industrial aesthetic presents the ground floor with more formality, where it embodies the spaces of the entry lobby, four boardrooms, client meeting kitchen bar and client amenities.

Touches of chic and colour are added with the use of the terrazzo floors, green planting wall and a bold burnt maroon industrial feature stair that takes you to the upper floor. The first floor compromises the more informal staff working hub and associated amenities. Drawing on the concept of small industrial land subdivisions, the first floor spaces incorporates this theme through the spatial layout and colour variations. The first floor includes an expansive industrial exposed roof to the open plan office area, communal meeting kitchen and amenities.

The open plan is interjected with smaller insertions of multi-mode working spaces for private meetings, collaboration and phone rooms. Like small subdivisions and structures in the landscape, each zone is presented with their own individual character- expressed by colour and unique detailing through the carpets, walls, exposed steel and mechanical systems. Playful additions into the office space can be experienced through pops of colour and curves which bring moments of joy to enhance the everyday working office environment.


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