Sunshine   |   2018


Domenic Cerantonio, Laura Ng

Sunshine has a strong industrial past (and present), with manufacturing still providing the largest employment sector in the City of Brimbank. Our design aims to maintain the link between the industrial ties of the area, whilst offering a high-quality building for both public and private use, which responds to the current and future demand for housing (and associated amenities) in Sunshine.

To respect the existing streetscape pattern, a key priority for the design was to appear as a series of staggered forms, as opposed to one, dominant structure.  This has been created through careful consideration of the massing and layout of the development, and a considered approach towards materiality. To the north, the facade reads as a strong, linear form, responding to the large scale commercial buildings directly opposite.

To the south and west, the form splits into two wings, staggered in height, opening up to a central west facing communal garden.  Not only does this provide inward views and amenity to all apartments, but it softens the form of the building to the south, where the surrounding context becomes more domestic in scale.

Whilst the overall design approach is varied, common design elements of symmetry, strong rectilinear forms, and simple volumes tie the whole design together. Extensive private and public outdoor areas are proposed throughout, further strengthening the relationship between the development and its existing (and future) streetscape. This includes a public communal terrace at ground floor, a rooftop events space which could open to the public, and a variety of communal areas for residents.


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