Sunshine   |   2018


Domenic Cerantonio, Laura Ng

Retaining ownership of this project into the future ensured that the client’s brief priority was high quality design and delivery of this building in the suburb of Sunshine. A high yield apartment building that incorporates a mixture of government office and retail tenancies at the street level, Hampshire provides SDA apartments for NDIS eligible community, along with excellent amenity both private and communal, lastly, the top floors comprise dedicated Women’s housing.

Hampshires’ thoughtful and refined Architecture designed together with the buildings interiors have cleverly balanced durable surfaces with colour and warmth that counter the sometimes-gloomy stereotypical aesthetics of institutional architecture. This typology of project should not only fill a gap in medium density affordable housing, but deliver robust, commercially viable and socially responsible apartments. Hampshire is economical, manages accessibility to the highest standard, affords much amenity like the hydrotherapy pool and communal open terraces which will provide its inhabitants with a sense of place and positive lifestyle.


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