Victoria Cross
Collingwood   |   2017


Domenic Cerantonio

Victoria Cross was conceived as a tall tower, creating a form which is not homogenous. The architecture aims to present a very transparent form and façade at the street level, this portion forming a podium for the towers above, being refined and minimalist to activate the streetscape in which it is situated.

Surrounded by traditional residential vernaculars, the design juxtaposes contemporary ideologies within architecture and its surrounding context, providing both retail and commercial opportunities.

Each tower differing in its scale, fenestration articulation and materiality, whilst holding strong linearity throughout the facade; creates an elegant architectural composition which is flooded by natural light and that complements each other and the overall context in which it sits.

Cera Stribley Architecture Interior Design  Victoria Place exterior commercial development
Cera Stribley Architecture Interior Design Victoria Place exterior street view

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