Whitehorse Rd
Balwyn  |   2018

Commercial, Multi-Residential, Mix-use

Domenic Cerantonio, Luan Trinh, Yunwei Xu, Fenly Jo, Felicia Foo, Danny Tong

Located at the corner of Whitehorse Road and Weston Streets in Balwyn, the design response aims to activate the urban corner while transitioning from commercial tenancies along Whitehorse Road to residential houses on Weston Street. A grid is implemented on the façade to form a regular framework, providing a means for articulation along the long commercial street façade. 

Expressed columns anchor the ground floor retail tenancy spaces, morphing into shrouds on the residential levels above to create micro expressions within the overall grid. The transition from three to two storeys around the corner is further modulated by dark recesses, creating a cadence that compliments the existing retail tenancies.


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